We are a fencing products company focused to high quality fencing solutions for every single taste.

Our vision is to be associated with quality, fast delivery and flexibility.

As we focus on quality – we are working with professional equipment and only with reliable suppliers of metal, chemicals, accessories and powder coating. We believe that a fence is a thing which is not often changed – every person expects to build a fence that lasts long and not to bother about it anymore until one decided to change it – therefore we sell only high quality products which do not cause any problems to our customers.

We are constantly keeping prepared products for further manufacturing. This means that for any order we can instantly offer you the required quantity, height and RAL color – we always focus to our customer’s satisfaction.  Furthermore, we can always take care of delivery.

One of company’s mottos is to always be innovative – even in a such standard industry as fencing – we always do our best to offer the market newest solutions and technologies in every step and part of the fence.

We sell Procoat products through our dealers in Scandinavian and German markets. Please contact us in order we could direct you to the nearest dealer.

For commercial customers – we are expanding and strengthening our sales structure constantly so please contact us for further information.